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India had made no commitment over the land boundary agreement and the Teesta water-sharing deal that had been the reasons behind her visit.
Influential Indian Bangla daily Anandabazar Patrika in its yesterday’s issue published a report headlined “Dipu returning home empty-handed”.
“If the deals aren’t signed, it’ll surely be frustrating,” Dipu Moni was quoted to have said.
She, however, told the newspaper that the people of Bangladesh would understand and that they had seen no such initiatives by the previous governments to settle the matters.
“These are not today’s issues. These have been pending for decades.”
The visit, according to diplomatic circle in Dhaka, was a futile attempt by her as she had already known that India would not be able to make any commitment regarding the two vital deals.
The present Indian government cannot pass the bill on the land boundary agreement as the ruling Congress lacks two-third majority in parliament and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rejects it, saying if the deal was ratified India would cede too much of its territory to the neighbouring country, diplomatic sources said.