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Zardari was pushed into survival mode right off the bat; Nawaz’s mandate has been killed off in little over a year — so why bother thinking five years and to the even more remote possibility of reward in the form of re-election?

Aha, but even if they could, you’re thinking, they wouldn’t have anyway — politicians are scummy and never had the people’s interests at heart.

Probably. It is still though a lasting damage that will come of all of this: the politician’s incentive to think long term — the little incentive he had — has been killed off.

And here’s why the damage will be lasting: if the politicians won’t, the boys can’t. And can’t is worse.

Go back to the first three years of Musharraf. The seven-point governance plan and its execution were about as good as it has ever got on the governance side in seven decades of this country’s existence.

Great, so all we need is a decade and a half of that and, boom, the country is solidly middle-income, educated, vibrant, and ready for more.

16-year-old attacked with acid for turning down marriage proposal

JHANG: A 16-year-old girl was attacked with acid on Saturday in Jhang by two men, one of whom was allegedly rejected for marriage by the victim’s family, Express News reported.

The victim was shifted to a hospital, where doctors say she is in critical condition and has sustained 90% burn injuries. Further, doctors say she has lost 95% of her eyesight.

“One man, Tauseef, has been arrested. And we are very close to arresting the second attacker, Asmatullah, and are hoping to do so today,” said a police official.

“Tauseef confessed to the crime,” the DSP said, adding, “We have lodged an FIR, and the criminals will be tried in an anti-terrorism court.”
The men staged the attack after Asmatullah was denied marriage by the girl’s family. Later that night, they climbed the wall of the victim’s house, managed to break in and throw an entire bottle of acid on the girl. (x)

15/9/2014: Mr Rehman Malik kept PK-370 delayed for 2 hours for himself while the rest of the 220 passengers waiting. At first the PIA staff lied to the passengers citing “technical reasons” but eventually one passenger made them spill the beans. The passengers refused to let Rehman Malik on the plane along with his entourage. 

Pakistan clashes: 7 killed,450 injured as anti-government protests continue in Islamabad

Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan called on his supporters on Sunday to take to the streets across the country after at least three people were killed in clashes between protesters and police in the capital overnight.

The violence erupted late on Saturday after thousands of protesters tried to march on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s residence, prompting police to fire tear gas to stop them.

Demonstrators demanding his resignation have camped outside government offices for more than two weeks but it was the first time violence broke out as protesters, some armed with sticks and wearing gas masks, tried to break through police lines.

The eruption of violence has unnerved many in the coup-prone country, with Sharif looking increasingly cornered amid relentless calls by the opposition for him to step down.

Small skirmishes continued into Sunday and protesters were also expected to rally in the streets of Karachi later in the day but no major acts of violence were reported on Sunday.

Khan, an outspoken cricketer-turned-politician, told his supporters on Sunday he would not back down from his demand for Sharif to resign and called on more protesters to join him.

"I am prepared to die here. I have learnt that government plans a major crackdown against us tonight," he said. "I am here till my last breath."