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Saina Nehwal gets the bronze


Yes, her Chinese opponent gave her a walkover and it may not be the best way to win a medal but her journey to the Olympics has been phenomenal. Her parents say, when she was born, her grandma refused to look at her face just cuz she was a girl (she hails from Haryana and y’all must be knowing how girls/women are treated there and she already had an elder sister and her grandma was upset with her mother for giving birth to another girl). 

Let us not forget she has put in a lot of hard work to reach here. I am hopeful that she will surely win a gold medal in the next Olympics. 

Amidst all this let us also not forget her coach Pulela Gopichand’s contribution. He has also put in a lot of hard work in coaching Saina. I had a lump in my throat too when her dad spoke to the media shortly after her victory. You could see how proud he was of her daughter.

After winning the medal, she said, “It was my dream to see the flag go up.

You make us Indians proud, Saina!

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    I am proud of her. I’m also proud of the fact that Indians know how to be good sports when they don’t win gold, unlike...
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